Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

A Distributed Real Time Coordination Protocol
Lui Sha; Danbing Seto

A Segmented Backup Scheme for Dependable Real Time Communication in Multihop Networks
Gummadi P. Krishna; M. Jnana Pradeep; C. Siva Ram Murthy

Real-Time Coordination in Distributed Multimedia Systems
Theophilos A. Limniotes; George A. Papadopoulos

Supporting Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Applications using the RED-Linux General Scheduling Framework
Kwei-Jay Lin; Yu-Chung Wang

Are COTS suitable for building distributed fault-tolerant hard real-time systems
Pascal Chevochot; Antoine Colin; David Decotigny; Isabelle Puaut

Autonomous Consistency Technique in Distributed Database with Heterogeneous Requirements
Hideo Hanamura; Isao Kaji; Kinji Mori

Real-time Transaction Processing Using Two-stage Validation in Broadcast Disks
Kwok-wa Lam; Victor C. S. Lee; Sang H. Son

Using Logs to Increase Availability in Real-Time Main-Memory Database
Tiina Niklander; Kimmo Raatikainen

Components are from Mars
M.R.V. Chaudron; E. de Jong

2 + 10 > 1 + 50 !
Hans Hansson; Christer Norström; Sasikumar Punnekkat

A Framework for Embedded Real-time System Design
Jin-Young Choi; Hee-Hwan Kwak; Insup Lee

Best-effort Scheduling of (m,k)-firm Real-time Streams in Multihop Networks
A. Striegel; G. Manimaran

Predictability and Resource Management in Distributed Multimedia Presentations
Costas Mourlas

Quality of Service Negotiation for Distributed, Dynamic Real-time Systems
Charles D. Cavanaugh; Lonnie R. Welch; Behrooz A. Shirazi; Eui-nam Huh; Shafqat Anwar

An Open Framework for Real-Time Scheduling Simulation
Thorsten Kramp; Matthias Adrian; Rainer Koster