Run-Time Systems for Parallel Programming

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

A Portable and Adaptative Multi-Protocol Communication Library for Multithreaded Runtime Systems
Olivier Aumage; Luc Bougé; Raymond Namyst

CORBA Based Runtime Support for Load Distribution and Fault Tolerance
Thomas Barth; Gerd Flender; Bernd Freisleben; Manfred Grauer; Frank Thilo

Run-time Support for Adaptive Load Balancing
Milind A. Bhandarkar; Robert K. Brunner; Laxmikant V. Kalé

Integrating Kernel Activations in a Multithreaded Runtime System on top of Linux
Vincent Danjean; Raymond Namyst; Robert D. Russell

DyRecT: Software Support for Adaptive Parallelism on NOWs
Etienne Godard; Sanjeev Setia; Elizabeth White

Fast Measurement of LogP Parameters for Message Passing Platforms
Thilo Kielmann; Henri E. Bal; Kees Verstoep

Supporting exible safety and sharing in multi-threaded environments
Steven H. Samorodin; Raju Pandey

A Runtime System for Dynamic DAG Programming
Min-You Wu; Wei Shu; Yong Chen