Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

Invited Talk: Run-Time Reconfiguration at Xilinx
Steven A. Guccione

JRoute: A Run-Time Routing API for FPGA Hardware
Eric Keller

A Reconfigurable Content Addressable Memory
Steven A. Guccione; Delon Levi; Daniel Downs

ATLANTIS - A Hybrid FPGA/RISC Based Reconfigurable System
O. Brosch; J. Hesser; C. Hinkelbein; K. Kornmesser; T. Kuberka; A. Kugel; R. Männer; H. Singpiel; B. Vettermann

The Cellular Processor Architecture CEPRA-1X and its Configuration by CDL
Christian Hochberger; Rolf Hofmann; Klaus-Peter Völkmann; Stefan Waldschmidt

Loop Pipelining and Optimization for Run Time Reconfiguration
Kiran Bondalapati; Viktor K. Prasanna

Compiling Process Algebraic Descriptions into Reconfigurable Logic
Oliver Diessel; George Milne

Behavioral Partitioning with Synthesis for MultiFPGA Architectures under Interconnect, Area, and Latency Constraints
Preetham Lakshmikanthan; Sriram Govindarajan; Vinoo Srinivasan; Ranga Vemuri

Module Allocation for Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems
Xuejie Zhang; Kamwing Ng

Augmenting Modern Superscalar Architectures with Configurable Extended Instructions
Xianfeng Zhou; Margaret Martonosi

Complexity Bounds for Lookup Table Implementation of Factored Forms in FPGA Technology Mapping
Wenyi Feng; Fred J. Meyer; Fabrizio Lombardi

Optimization of Motion Estimator for Run-Time-Reconfiguration Implementation
Camel Tanougast; Yves Berviller; Serge Weber

Constant-Time Hough Transform On A 3D Reconfigurable Mesh Using Fewer Processors
Yi Pan