Parallel and Distributed Computing in Image Processing, Video Processing, and Multimedia

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

MAJC-5200: A High Performance Microprocessor for Multimedia Computing
Subramania Sudharsanan

A Novel Superscalar Architecture for Fast DCT Implementation
Zhang Yong; Min Zhang

Computing Distance Maps Efficiently Using An Optical Bus
Yi Pan; Yamin Li; Jie Li; Keqin Li; Si-Qing Zheng

Advanced Data Layout Optimization for Multimedia Applications
Chidamber Kulkarni; Francky Catthoor; Hugo De Man

Parallel Parsing of MPEG Video in a Multi-threaded Multiprocessor Environment
Suchendra M. Bhandarkar; Shankar R. Chandrasekaran

Parallelization Techniques for Spatial-Temporal Occupancy Maps from Multiple Video Streams
Nathan DeBardeleben; Adam Hoover; William Jones; Walter Ligon

Heuristic Solutions for a Mapping Problem in a TV-Anytime Server Network
Xiaobo Zhou; Reinhard Lüling; Li Xie

RPV: A Programming Environment for Real-time Parallel Vision - Specification and programming methodology -
Daisaku Arita; Yoshio Hamada; Satoshi Yonemoto; Rin-ichiro Taniguchi

Parallel low-level image processing on a distributed-memory system
Cristina Nicolescu; Pieter Jonker

Congestion-free Routing of Streaming Multimedia Content in BMIN-based Parallel Systems
Harish Sethu

Performance of On-Chip Multiprocessors for Vision Tasks
Y. Chung; K. Park; W. Hahn; N. Park; V. K. Prasanna

Parallel Hardware-Software Architecture for computation of Discrete Wavelet Transform using the Recursive Merge Filtering algorithm
Piyush Jamkhandi; Amar Mukherjee; Kunal Mukherjee; Robert Franceschini