Personal Computer based Networks Of Workstations

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

Memory Management in a combined VIA/SCI Hardware
M. Trams; W. Rehm; D. Balkanski; S. Simeonov

ATOLL, a new switched, high speed Interconnect in comparison to Myrinet and SCI
Markus Fischer; Ulrich Brüning; Jörg Kluge; Lars Rzymianowicz; Patrick Schulz; Mathias Waack

ClusterNet: An Object-Oriented Cluster Network
R.R. Hoare

GigaBit Performance under NT
M. Baker; S. Scott; A. Geist; L. Browne

MPI Collective Operations over IP Multicast
H.A. Chen; Y.O. Carrasco; A.W. Apon

An Open Market-Based Architecture for Distributed Computing
S. Lalis; A. Karipidis

The MultiCluster Model to the Integrated Use of Multiple Workstation Clusters
M. Barreto; R. Ávila; Ph. Navaux

Parallel Information Retrieval on an SCI-Based PC-NOW
Sang-Hwa Chung; Hyuk-Chul Kwon; Kwang Ryel Ryu; Han-Kook Jang; Jin-Hyuk Kim; Cham-Ah Choi

A PC-NOW Based Parallel Extension for a Sequential DBMS
M. Exbrayat; L. Brunie