Solving Irregularly Structured Problems in Parallel

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

Invited Talk: Load Balancing and Continuous Quadratic Programming
William Hager

Parallel Management of Large Dynamic Shared Memory Space: A Hierarchical FEM Application
Xavier Cavin; Laurent Alonso

Efficient Parallelization of Unstructured Reductions on Shared Memory Parallel Architectures
Siegfried Benkner; Thomas Brandes

Parallel FEM Simulation of Crack Propagation-Challenges, Status, and Perspectives
Bruce Carter; Chuin-Shan Chen; Gerd Heber; Antony R. Ingraffea; Roland Krause; Chris Myers; Paul A. Wawrzynek; L. Paul Chew; Keshav Pingali; Paul Stodghill; Stephen Vavasis; Nikos Chrisochoides; Demian Nave; Guang R. Gao

Support for Irregular Computations in Massively Parallel PIM Arrays, Using an Object-Based Execution Model
Hans P. Zima; Thomas L. Sterling

Executing Communication-Intensive Irregular Programs Efficiently
Vara Ramakrishnan; Isaac D. Scherson

Non-Memory-based and real-time zerotree building for wavelet zerotree coding systems
Dongming Peng; Mi Lu

Invited Talk: Graph Partitioning for Dynamic, Adaptive and Multi-phase Computations (joint work with Kirk Schloegel and George Karypis)
Vipin Kumar

A Multilevel Algorithm for Spectral Partitioning with Extended Eigen-Models
Suely Oliveira; Takako Soma

An Integrated Decomposition and Partitioning Approach
Jarmo Rantakokko

Ordering Unstructured Meshes for Sparse Matrix Computations on Leading Parallel Systems
Leonid Oliker; Xiaoye Li; Gerd Heber; Rupak Biswas

Invited Talk: A GRASP for computing approximate solutions for the Three-Index Assignment Problem
Renata M. Aiex; Panos M. Pardalos; Leonidas S. Pitsoulis; Mauricio G. C. Resende

On Identifying Strongly Connected Components in Parallel
Ali Pinar; Lisa Fleischer; Bruce Hendrickson

A Parallel, Adaptive Refinement Scheme for Tetrahedral and Triangular Grids
Alan Stagg; Jackie Hallberg; Joseph Schmidt

PaStiX: A Parallel Sparse Direct Solver Based on a Static Scheduling for Mixed 1D/2D Block Distributions
Pascal Henon; Pierre Ramet; Jean Roman