Fault-Tolerant Parallel and Distributed Systems

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

Invited Talk: Certification of system architecture dependability
I. Levendel

Computing in the RAIN: A Reliable Array of Independent Nodes
V. Bohossian; C. Fan; P. LeMahieu; M. Riedel; L. Xu; J. Bruck

Fault-Tolerant Wide-Area Parallel Computing
J. Weissman

Transient Analysis of Dependability/Performability Models by Regenerative Randomization with Laplace Transform Inversion
J. Carrasco

FANTOMAS: Fault Tolerance for Mobile Agents in Clusters
H. Pals; S. Petri; C. Grewe

Metrics, Methodologies, and Tools for Analyzing Network Fault Recovery in Real-Time Distributed Systems
P. Irey; B. Chappell; R. Hott; D. Marlow; K. O'Donoghue; T. Plunkett

Consensus Based on Strong Failure Detectors: Time and Message-Efficient Protocols
F. Greve; M. Hurfin; R. Macêdo; M. Raynal

Implementation of Finite Lattices in VLSI for Fault-State Encoding in High-Speed Networks
A. Doring; G. Lustig

Building a Reliable Message Delivery System Using the COBRA Event Service
S. Ramani; B. Dasarathy; K. Trivedi

Network Survivability Simulation of a Commercially Deployed Dynamic Routing System Protocol
A. Chowdhury; O. Frieder; P. Luse; P. Wan

Fault-Tolerant Distributed Shared Memory on a Broadcast-Based Interconnection Network
D. Hecht; C. Katsinis

An Efficient Backup-Overloading for Fault-Tolerant Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks
R. Al-Omari; G. Manimaran; A. Somani

Mobile Agents to Automate Fault Management in Wireless and Mobile Networks
N. Pissinou; Bhagayavati; K. Makki