Embedded/Distributed HPC Systems and Applications

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

A Probabilistic Power Prediction Tool for the Xilinx 4000-Series FPGA
Timothy Osmulski; Jeffrey T. Muehring; Brian Veale; Jack M. West; Hongping Li; Sirirut Vanichayobon; Seok-Hyun Ko; John K. Antonio; Sudarshan K. Dhall

Application Challenges: System Health Management for Complex Systems
George D. Hadden; Peter Bergstrom; Tariq Samad; Bonnie Holte Bennett; George J. Vachtsevanos; Joe Van Dyke

Accommodating QoS Prediction in an Adaptive Resource Management Framework
E. Huh; L. R. Welch; B. A. Shirazi; B. Tjaden; C. D. Cavanaugh

Network Load Monitoring in Distributed Systems
Kazi M Jahirul Islam; Behrooz A. Shirazi; Lonnie R. Welch; Brett C. Tjaden; Charles Cavanaugh; Shafqat Anwar

A Novel Specification and Design Methodology Of Embedded Multiprocessor Signal Processing Systems Using High-Performance Middleware
Randall S. Janka; Linda M. Wills

Auto Source Code Generation and Run-Time Infrastructure and Environment for High Performance, Distributed Computing Systems
Minesh I. Patel; Karl Jordan; Mattew Clark; Devesh Bhatt

Developing an Open Architecture for Performance Data Mining
David B. Pierce; Diane T. Rover

A 90k gate “CLB” for Parallel Distributed Computing
Bruce Schulman; Gerald Pechanek

Power-Aware Replication of Data Structures in Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems
Osman S. Unsal; Israel Koren; C. Mani Krishna

Comparison of MPI Implementations on a Shared Memory Machine
Brian VanVoorst; Steven Seidel

A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Scheduling Communications for a Class of Parallel Space-Time Adaptive Processing Algorithms
Jack M. West; John K. Antonio

Reconfigurable Parallel Sorting and Load Balancing on a Beowulf Cluster: HeteroSort
Pamela Yang; Timothy M. Kunau; Bonnie Holte Bennett; Emmett Davis; Bill Wren