High Performance Data Mining

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

Implementation Issues in the Design of I/O Intensive Data Mining Applications on Clusters of Workstations
R. Baraglia; D. Laforenza; Salvatore Orlando; P. Palmerini; Raffaele Perego

A Requirements Analysis for Parallel KDD Systems
William A. Maniatty; Mohammed J. Zaki

Parallel Data Mining on ATM-Connected PC Cluster and Optimization of its Execution Environments
Masato Oguchi; Masaru Kitsuregawa

The Parallelization of a Knowledge Discovery System with Hypergraph Representation
Jennifer Seitzer; James P. Buckley; Yi Pan; Lee A. Adams

Parallelisation of C4.5 as a Particular Divide and Conquer Computation
Primo Becuzzi; Massimo Coppola; Salvatore Ruggieri; Marco Vanneschi

Scalable Parallel Clustering for Data Mining on Multicomputers
D. Foti; D. Lipari; C. Pizzuti; D. Talia

Exploiting Dataset Similarity for Distributed Mining
Srinivasan Parthasarathy; Mitsunori Ogihara

Scalable Model for Extensional and Intensional Descriptions of Unclassified Data
Hércules A. Prado; Stephen C. Hirtle; Paulo M. Engel

Parallel Data Mining of Bayesian Networks from Telecommunications Network Data
Roy Sterritt; Kenny Adamson; C. Mary Shapcott; Edwin P. Curran