Bio-Inspired Solutions to Parallel Processing Problems

IPDPS 2000 Workshop

Take Advantage of the Computing Power of DNA Computers
Z. Frank Qiu; Mi Lu

Agent surgery: The case for mutable agents
Ladislau Bölöni; Dan C. Marinescu

Was Collective Intelligence before Life on Earth?
Tadeusz Szuba; Mohammed Almulla

Solving Problems on Parallel Computers by Cellular Programming
Domenico Talia

Multiprocessor Scheduling with Support by Genetic Algorithms - based Learning Classifier System
Jerzy P. Nowacki; Grzegorz Pycka; Franciszek Seredyński

Viewing Scheduling Problems through Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms
Miguel Rocha; Carla Vilela; Paulo Cortez; José Neves

Dynamic Load Balancing Model: Preliminary Assessment of a Biological Model for a Pseudo-Search Engine
Reginald L. Walker

A Parallel Co-evolutionary Metaheuristic
Vincent Bachelet; El-Ghazali Talbi

Neural Fraud Detection in Mobile Phone Operations
Azzedine Boukerche; Mirela Sechi Moretti Annoni Notare

Information Exchange in Multi Colony Ant Algorithms
Martin Middendorf; Frank Reischle; Hartmut Schmeck

A Surface-Based DNA Algorithm for the Expansion of Symbolic Determinants
Z. Frank Qiu; Mi Lu

Hardware Support for Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search
Reinhard Schneider; Reinhold Weiss