Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems

IPDPS 1999 Workshop
A Dynamic Faoult-Tolerant Mesh Architecture
Jyh-Ming Huang and Ted C. Yang

Dynamic Real-Time Channel Establishment in Multiple Access Bus Network
Anita Mittal; G. Manimaran; and C. Siva Ram Murthy

System Support for Migratory Continuous Media Applications in Distributed Real-Time Environments
Tatsuo Nakajima; Mamadou Tadiou Kone; and Hiroyuki Aizu

Building an Adaptive Multimedia System using the Utility Model
Lei Chen; Shahadat Khan; Kin F. Li; and Eric G. Manning

Dependability Evaluation of Fault Tolerant Distributed Industrial Control Systems
J.C. Campelo; P. Yuste; F. Rodriguez; P.J. Gil; and J.J. Serrano

Real-Time Image Processing on a Focal Plane SIMD Array
Antonio Gentile; Jose L. Cruz-Rivera; D. Scott Wills; Leugim Bustelo; Jose J. Figueroa; Javier E. Fonseca-Camacho; Wilfredo E. Lugo-Beauchamp; Ricardo Olivieri; Marlyn Quinones-Cerpa; Alexis H. Rivera-Rios; Iomar Vargas-Gonzales; and Michelle Viera-Vera

Non-Preemptive Scheduling of Real-Time Threads on Multi-Level-Context Architectures
Jan Jonsson; Henrik Lonn; and Kang G. Shin

A Similarity-Based Protocol for Concurrency Control in Mobile Distributed Real-Time Database Systems
Kam-yiu Lam; Tei-Wei Kuo; Gary C.K. Law; and Wai-Hung Tsang

An Environment for Generating Applications Involving Remote Manipulation of Parallel Machines
Luciano G. Fagundes; Rodrigo F. Mello; and Celio E. Moron

Evaluation of a Hybrid Real-time Bus Scheduling Mechanism for CAN
Mohammad Ali Livani and Jorg Kaiser

An Approach for Measuring IP Security Performance in a Distributed Environment
Brett L. Chappell; David T. Marlow; Philip M. Irey IV and Karen O'Donoghue

QoS Control and Adaptation in Distributed Multimedia Systems
Farid Nait-Abdesselam and Nazim Agoulmine

Metrics for the Evaluation of Multicast Communications
Philip M. Irey IV and David T. Marlow

Evaluation of Real-Time Fiber Communications for Parallel Collective Operations
Parvathi Rajagopal and Amy W. Apon

The Case For Prediction-based Best-effort Real-time Systems
Peter A. Dinda; Loukas F. Kallivokas; Bruce Lowekamp; and David R. O'Hallaron

An Adaptive Distributed Airborne Tracking System
Raymond Clark; E. Douglas Jensen; Arkady Kanevsky; John Maurer; Paul Wallace; Thomas Wheeler; Yun Zhang; Douglas Wells; Tom Lawrence; and Pat Hurley

Dynamic Application Structuring on Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
Saurav Chatterjee

Improving Suport for Multimedia System Experimentation and Deployment
Douglas Niehaus

From Task Scheduling in Single Processor Environments to Message Scheduling in a PROFIBUS Fieldbus Network
Eduardo Tovar and Francisco Vasques

Distributing periodic workload uniformly across time to achieve better service quality
Jaeyong Koh; Kihan Kim; and Heonshik Shin