Workshop on Optics and Computer Science

IPDPS 1999 Workshop
NetCache: A Network/Cache Hybrid for Multiprocessors
Enrique V. Carrera and Ricardo Bianchini

NWCache: Optimizing Disk Accesses via an Optical Network/Write Cache Hybrid
Enrique V. Carrera and Ricardo Bianchini

Solving Graph Theory Problems Using Reconfigurable Pipelined Optical Buses
Keqin Li; Yi Pan; and Mounir Hamdi

Permutation Routing in All-Optical Product Networks
Weifa Liang and Xiaojun Shen

Optimal Scheduling Algorithms in WDM Optical Passive Star Networks
Hongjin Yeh; Kyubum Wee; and Manpyo Hong

A Multi-Wavelength Optical Content-Addressable Parallel Processor (MW-OCAPP) for High-Speed Parallel Relational Database Processing: Architectural Concepts and Preliminary Experimental System
Peng Yin Choo; Abram Detofsky; and Ahmed Louri

Pipelined Versus Non-pipelined Traffic Scheduling in Unidirectional WDM Rings
Xijun Zhang and Chunming Qiao

OTIS-Based Multi-Hop Multi-OPS Lightwave Networks
David Coudert; Afonso Ferreira; and Xavier Munoz

A New Architecture for Multihop Optical Networks
A. Jaekel; S. Bandyopadhyay; and A. Sengupta

High Speed, High Capacity Bused Interconnects Using Optical Slab Waveguides
Martin Feldman; Ramachandran Vaidyanathan; and Ahmed El-Amawy