Run-Time Systems for Parallel Programming

IPDPS 1999 Workshop
Efficient Communications in Multithreaded Runtime Systems
Luc Bouge; Jean-Francois Mehaut; and Raymond Namyst

Application Performance of a Linux Cluster using Converse
Laxmikant Kale; Robert Brunner; James Phillips; and Krishnan Varadarajan

An efficient and transparent thread migration scheme in the PM2 runtime system
Gabriel Antoniu; Luc Bouge; and Raymond Namyst

Communication-Intensive Parallel Applications and Non-Dedicated Clusters of Workstations
Kritchalach Thitikamol and Peter Keleher

A Framework for Adaptive Storage Input/Output on Computational Grids
Huseyin Simitci; Daniel A. Reed; Ryan Fox; Mario Medina; James Oly; Nancy Tran; and Guoyi Wang

ARMCI: A Portable Remote Memory Copy Library for Distributed Array Libraries and Compiler Run-time Systems
Jarek Nieplocha; and Bryan Carpenter

Multicast-based Runtime System for Highly Efficient Causally Consistent Software-only DSM
Thomas Seidmann

Adaptive DSM-Runtime Behavior via Speculative Data Distribution
Frank Mueller