Workshop on Java for Parallel and Distributed Computing

IPDPS 1999 Workshop
More Efficient Object Serialization
Michael Philippsen and Bernhard Haumacher

A Customizable Implementation of RMI for High Performance Computing
Fabian Breg and Dennis; Gannon

mpiJava: An Object-Oriented Java interface to MPI
Mark Baker; Bryan Carpenter; Geoffrey Fox; Sung Hoon Ko; and Sang Lim

An Adaptive, Fault-tolerant Implementation of BSP for Java-based Volunteer Computing Systems
Luis F.G. Sarmenta

High Performance Computing for the Masses
Mark Clement; Quinn Snell; and Glenn Judd

Process Networks as a High-Level Notation for Metacomputing
Darren Webb; Andrew Wendelborn; and Kevin Maciunas

Developing parallel applications using the JavaPorts environment
Demetris G. Galatopoullos and Elias S. Manolakos