Workshop on Solving Irregularily Structured Problems in Parallel

IPDPS 1999 Workshop
A range minima parallel algorithm for coarse grained multicomputers
H. Mongelli and S.W. Song

Scalable Parallelization of Harmonic Balance Simulation
David L. Rhodes and Apostolos Gerasoulis

Sparse Computations with PEI
Frederique Voisin and Guy-Rene Perrin

Deterministic Branch-and-Bound on Distributed Memory Machines
Kieran T. Herley; Andrea Pietracaprina; and Geppino Pucci

Optimizing Irregular HPF Applications Using Halos
Siegfried Benkner

Dynamic Process Composition and Communication Patterns in Irregularly Structured Applications
C.T.H. Everaars; B. Koren; and F. Arbab

A Graph Based Method for Generating the Fiedler Vector of Irregular Problems
Michael Holzrichter and Suely Oliveira

Self-Avoiding Walks over Adaptive Unstructured Grids
Gerd Heber; Rupak Biswas; and Guang R. Gao

Irregular Parallel Agorithms in Java
Brian Blount; Siddhartha Chatterjee; and Michael Philippsen

ParaPART: Parallel Mesh Partitioning Tool for Distributed Systems
Jian Chen and Valerie E. Taylor

Hybridizing Nested Dissection and Halo Approximate Minimum Degree for Efficient Sparse Matrix Ordering
Francois Pellegrini; Jean Roman; and Patrick Amestoy

A Simple Framework to Calculate the Reaching Definition of Array References and Its Use in Subscript Array Analysis
Yuan Lin and David Padua

Towards an Effective Task Clustering Heuristic for LogP Machines
Cristina Boeres; Aline Nascimento; and Vinod E.F. Rebello

Incomplete Cholesky Parallel Preconditioners with Selective Inversion
Esmond G. Ng and Padma Raghavan

From EARTH to HTMT: An Evolution of A Multithreaded Architecture Model
Guang R. Gao