Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models and Supportive Environments

IPDPS 1999 Workshop
Efficient Program Partitioning based on Compiler Controlled Communication
Ram Subramanian and Santosh Pande

SCI-VM: A flexible base for transparent shared memory programming models on clusters of PCs
Martin Schulz

Flexible Collective Operations for Distributed Object Groups
Joerg Nolte

SCALA: A Framework for Performance Evaluation of Scalable Computing
Xian-He Sun; Mario Pantano; Thomas Fahringer; and Zhaohua Zhan

Recursive Individually Distributed Object
Z. George Mou

The MuSE System: A Flexible Combination of On-Stack Execution and Work-Stealing
Markus Leberecht

Pangaea: An Automatic Distribution Front-End for Java
Andre Spiegel

Concurrent Language Support for Interoperable Applications
Eugene F. Fodor and Ronald A. Olsson

On the Distributed Implementation of Aggregate Data Structures by Program Transformation
Gabriele Keller and Manuel M.T. Chakravarty

A Transformational Framework for Skeletal Programs: Overview and Case Study
Sergei Gorlatch and Susanna Pelagatti

Implementing a Non-strict Functional Programming Language on a Threaded Architecture
Shigeru Kusakabe; Kentaro Inenaga; Makoto Amamiya; Xinan Tang; Andres Marquez; and Guang R. Gao