Formal Methods for Parallel Programming: Theory and Applications

IPDPS 1999 Workshop
From a Specification to an Equivalence Proof in Object-Oriented Parallelism
Isabelle Attali; Denis Caromel; and Sylvain Lippi

A Structured Approach to Parallel Programming: Methodology and Models
Berna L. Massingill

Examples of Program Composition Illustrating the Use of Universal Properties
Michel Charpentier and K. Mani Chandy

A Formal Framework for Specifying and Verifying Time Warp Optimizations
Victoria Chernyakhovsky; Peter Frey; Radharamanan Radhakrishnan; Philip A. Wilsey; Perry Alexander; and Harold W. Carter

Verifying End-to-End Protocols Using Induction with CSP/FDR
S.J. Creese and Joy Reed

BSP in CSP: Easy as ABC
Andrew C. Simpson; Jonathan M.D. Hill; and Stephen R. Donaldson

Mechanical Verification of a Garbage Collector
Klaus Havelund