Workshop on Embedded HPC Systems and Applications

IPDPS 1999 Workshop
Transparent Real-Time Monitoring in MPI
Samuel H. Russ; Rashid Jean-Baptiste; Tangirala Shailendra Krishna Kumar; and Marion Harmon

A Distributed System Reference Architecture for Adaptive QoS and Resource Management
Lonnie R. Welch; Michael W. Masters; Leslie A. Madden; David T. Marlow; Philip M. Irey IV; Paul V. Werme; Behrooz A. Shirazi

Tailor-made Operating Systems for Embedded Parallel Applications
Antonio Augusto Froehlich and Wolfgang Schroeder-Preikschat

Addressing Real-Time Requirements of Automatic Vehicle Guidance with MMX Technology
Massimo Bertozzi; Alberto Broggi; Alessandra Fascioli; and Stefano Tommesani

Fiber-Optic Interconnection Networks for Signal Processing Applications
Magnus Jonsson

Reflections on the Creation of a Real-time Parallel Benchmark Suite
Brian Van Voorst; Rakash Jha; Subbu Ponnuswamy; Luiz Pires; Chirag Nanavati; and David Castanon

DynBench: A Dynamic Benchmark Suite for Distributed Real-time Systems
Behrooz Shirazi; Lonnie Welch; Binoy Ravindran; Charles Cavanaugh; Bharath Yanamula; Russ Brucks; and Eui-nam Huh

Reconfigurable Parallel Sorting and Load Balancing: HeteroSort
Emmett Davis; Bonnie Holte Bennett; Bill Wren; and Linda Davis

Condition-Based Maintenance: Algorithms and Applications for Embedded High Performance Computing
Bonnie Holte Bennett and George Hadden