Bio-Inspired Solutions to Parallel Processing Problems

IPDPS 1999 Workshop
A Parallel Genetic Algorithm for task mapping on parallel machines
S. Mounir Alaoui; O. Frieder; and T. El-Ghazawi

Evolution-based scheduling of fault-tolerant programs on multiple processors
Piotr Jedrzejowicz; Ireneusz Czarnowski; Henryk Szreder; and Aleksander Skakowski

The Biological Basis of the Immune System as a Model for Intelligent Agents
Roger L. King; Aric B. Lambert; Samuel H. Russ; and Donna S. Reese

Distributed Scheduling with Decomposed Optimization Criterion: Genetic Programming Approach
Franciszek Seredynski; Jacek Koronacki; and Cezary Z. Janikow

A formal definition of the phenomenon of Collective Intelligence and its IQ measure
Tadeusz Szuba

Parallel Ant Colonies for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
El-ghazali Talbi; Olivier Roux; Cyril Fonlupt; and Denis Robillard

A Parallel Hybrid Evolutionary Metaheuristic for the Period Vehicle Routing Problem
Dalessandro Soares Vianna; Luiz S. Ochi; and Lucia M.A. Drummond

Implementation of Data Flow Logical Operations via Self-Assembly of DNA
Piotr Wasiewicz; Piotr Borsuk; Jan. J. Mulawka; and Piotr Weglenski

Regularity Considerations in Instance-Based Locality Optimization
Claudia Leopold

A Genetic-Based Fault-Tolerant Routing Strategy for Multiprocessor Networks
Peter K.K. Loh and Venson Shaw

Structural Biology Metaphors Applied to the Design of a Distributed Object System
Ladislau Boloni; Ruibing Hao; Kyungkoo Jun; and Dan C. Marinescu

An Analysis of Synchronous and Asynchronous Parallel Distributed Genetic Algorithms with Structured and Panmictic Islands
Enrique Alba and Jose M. Troya

Implementation of a Parallel Genetic Algorithm on a Cluster of Workstations: the Traveling Salesman Problem, A Case Study
Giuseppe Sena; Germinal Isern; and Dalila Megherbi

GA-based Parallel Image Registration on Parallel Clusters
Prachya Chalermwat; Tarek El-Ghazawi; and Jacqueline LeMoigne