2nd Workshop on Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Parallel

IPDPS 1998 Workshop

Program Committee :

J. Clausen, Copenhagen (Chair)
R. Correa, Rio de Janeiro
A. de Bruin, Rotterdam
N. Deo, Florida
A. Ferreira, Sophia Antipolis
M. Gengler, Lyon
A. Grama, Purdue
G. Kindervater, Rotterdam
B. le Cun, Versailles
R. Lueling, Paderborn
G. Megson, Reading
S. Migdalas, Linkoping
J. Nievergelt, Zurich
P. Pardalos, Florida
M. Resende, AT & T
J. Rolim, Geneva
S. Tschoeke, Paderborn
A. Zomaya, Western Australia

Organizing Committee:

P. Pardalos, Florida (Chair)
J. Clausen, Copenhagen


Scheduling with communication delays and data routing in Message Passing Architectures
Aziz Moukrim, Alain Quilliot

Parallel Optimisation in the SCOOP Library
Per Kristian Nilsen, Nicolas Prcovic

NC Algorithms for the Single Most Vital Edge Problem with Respect to All Pairs Shortest Paths
Sven Venema, Hong Shen, Francis Suraweera