3rd International Workshop on
Embedded HPC Systems and Applications

IPDPS 1998 Workshop

Program Committee:

Ashok Agrawala, Univ. of Maryland, USA
Bob Bernecky, NUWC, USA
Hakon O. Bugge, Scali Computer, Norway
Terry Fountain, University College London, UK
Richard Games, MITRE, USA
Farnam Jahanian, Univ. of Michigan, USA
Jeff Koller, USC/Information Sciences Institute, USA
Mark Linderman, USAF Rome Laboratory, USA
Craig Lund, Mercury Computer Systems, Inc., USA
David Martinez, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA
Stephen Rhodes, Advanced Systems Architectures Ltd., UK
Philip Sementilli, Hughes Missile Systems Co., USA
Anthony Skjellum, Mississippi State Univ., USA
Henk Spaanenburg, Lockheed Sanders, USA
Lothar Thiele, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
Chip Weems, Univ. of Massachusetts, USA
Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Georgia Tech., USA

Advisory Committee:

Keith Bromley, NRaD, USA
Dieter Hammer, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, The Netherlands
Jose Munoz, DARPA/Information Technology Office, USA
Clayton Stewart, SAIC, USA
Lonnie Welch, Univ. of Texas at Arlington, USA


Thermal Management in Embedded Systems Using MEMS
Jeff Draper, Jay Block, Jeff Koller, Craig Steele

A Scalable Multiprocessor for Real-time Signal Processing
Daniel Scherrer, Hans Eberle

SafetyNet: Secure Communications for Embedded High-Performance Computing
Craig S. Steele, Jeff Draper, Jeff Koller

Partial Rearrangement of Space-shared FPGAs
Oliver Diessel, Hossam ElGindy

Measuring the Vulnerability of Interconnection Networks in Embedded Systems
V. Lakamraju, Z. Koren, I. Koren, C.M. Krishna

An Architecture for Rapid Distribution Fault Tolerance
Samuel H. Russ

A Resource Management Model for Dynamic, Scalable, Dependable, Real-Time Systems
Binoy Ravindran, Lonnie R. Welch, Carl Bruggeman, Behrooz A. Shirazi, Charles Cavanaugh

A Mapping Methodology for Designing Software Task Pipelines for Embedded Signal Processing
Myungho Lee, Wenheng Liu, Viktor K. Prasanna

A Development Tool Environment for Configuration, Build, and Launch of Complex Applications
Mike Krueger

Toward Embedded Development from Advanced Khoros
Joe Fogler, Tom Robey, Mark Young

Object Nets for the Design and Verification of Distributed and Embedded Applications
Jurgen Nutzel, Bernd Dane, Wolfgang Fengler

Data Parallel Programming with the Khoros Data Services Library
Steve Kubica, Thomas Robey, Chris Moorman

Simulation of the Communication Time for a Space-Time Adaptive Processing Algorithm on a Parallel Embedded System
Jack M. West, John K. Antonio

Optimal Configuration of Compute Nodes for Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing
Jeffrey T. Muehring, John K. Antonio